Shards of Alexander

Lets try that again

In which Fargrim makes some friends

The party is sent back into the separatist base to gather information about funding and leader.

Fargrim and Alea disguised as hobos, the rest of the party + Kain are invisibled by Tam.

Discovered secret room in the meeting room containing inscribed Kris daggers.

Fargrim learns about consequences.

successfully infiltrated main office and discovered that the base is being used for propaganda operations.

discovered the location of four other bases and the source of their funding, Vicar Amellia

captured boss leader guy. The party doesn’t know his name yet.

need to discover how to best infiltrate Amellia’s manor during her upcoming gala so they can find the location of the separatist headquarters.

Fargrim Unintentional Kill Count +2: one unintentionally dominated separatist and his husband. Yes Fargim. They were married. You monster. (( :p ))



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