Shards of Alexander

Session 0.5 - Graduation

Why are they staring at us?!

- rough notes, anyone feel free to elaborate. -

Graduation Ceremony
The wizard (Alea) socialized, the cleric(Luko) and bard (Fargrim) were awkward. Warlock(?) got drunk while paladin (Darigaaz) kept to himself.
Actually appearance by the Eidelons. Eidelon Belias gave a speech.
Eidelons were witness by several members of the team looking right at them just after the explosion.
Students, our team included, were teleported to scene of the explosion via Eidelon Adrammelech.
First encounter with supervising officer Tam, who tasked us with securing the scene. The trarget had been a temple dedicated to the Eidelons. Maybe the separatists?



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