Shards of Alexander

Session 1 - Investigating the Explosion

Wait, you can do non-lethal damage?

Session 1 – investigate!
went to location of explosion
found group running away – defeated (got twisty daggers)
met upper class man Kain.
found un-exploded bomb – called disposal squad
reported to superiors
investigated dagger
dream – woman’s voice calling from a distant star “help me” – seems like Alexandar is heading towards that star
called to meeting by masked representative of an Eidelon – special assignment to investigate more
sent to pipe/step/whatever region
autopsy on someone – finger trap snake thing – runes inside skull
survailance study – found sewer grate bombers came out of – other info collected
missing boy – elf – talked to mother and searched house – found flex – found map – mother said he hung out with separatists
investigated slums looking for missing boy’s friends – followed couple talking about meeting to a bar
Alea went under cover with a disguise.
snuck inside bar and found secret entrance

Fargrim’s Unintential Kill Count: One fleeing suspect (Warhammer)



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