Shards of Alexander

Session 2 - Sneak into the meeting!

This is why we need walkie talkies

Session 2 – separatist meeting!
Hobo fight outside the bar. Improvised pipes and all
dwarf is covered in blood
everyone down the elevator
sneak through the locked door
don’t open trapped chests
dwarf through the vent still covered in blood.
wizard bluffed her way into the meeting
separatists are ready and willing to act against the Eidelons to help the people left behind
halfling hears the voice from the distant star say “help her” which seems to mean Alea, so he follows her
fight our way out (and loot on the way)
ride the elevator with civilians with dwarf still covered in blood.
report back
sleep over at the potion shop – DON"T EAT THE FOOD – the next day, cat potion finally wears off – they were all people!
next step – sneak into the next meeting?

Fargrim’s Unintentional Kill Count: One gruff hobo (Warhammer) + civilian attendee (Phantasmal Force “mishap”)



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