Adrammelech: The Protector

Eidolon of Wind and Virtue of Mercy


Every inch of Adrammelech’s body appears to be coated in an iridescent deep blue jade armor (it appears to be as stone but is metal like to the touch). He stands with a slight hunch, at approximately seven feet in height, with disproportionately narrow arms, legs, and abdomen. His gauntlet covered hands end in clever, sharp fingers, while his feet are cloven hooves. Adrammelech’s head appears to be a helmet in shape of a goat with long back sweeping horns, bright glowing white eyes, and a tuft of grey fur just under his chin. From his back Adrammelech sports two wings, which appear to be formed of the same, jade-metal substance of the rest of his body. These wings each have six, short knife like jade feathers, each about a foot long. In between these are layers upon layers of what appear to be brightly colored peacock feathers. When not in use, these wings fold over Adrammelech’s body, giving him the appearance of being covered in a bright feathered coat.

No one is really sure if Adrammelech is wearing armor and his true form is encased within, or not…


It is said that Adrammelech once held domain over the vast blue skies of Gaia along side Hashmal: The Chastiser, and brought breath and clear skies to the world, such that the people might look up and navigate by the heavens. The Verethragna credits him with the design of Alexander, using his vast experiences with the sky to best tailor the vessel for flight.

Adrammelech: The Protector

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