Belias: The Transcendent

Eidolon of Fire and Virtue of Courage


Belias appears as a cross between a great fiery lion and a human with four arms, standing approximately eight feet tall on what would be his hind legs (digitigrade). His face is that of a human with a slightly flattened nose and calm red eyes. His head is completely wreathed in flame, taking on the appearance of a great mane. Indeed, wherever there would be hair on his obviously masculine but sexless body, there is fire. Two of his arms are extremely muscular and end in strong but dexterous hands tipped with sharp, rending claws. The other two arms, while still large (because of his height) are reasonably proportional to that of a muscular eight foot tall human male. This second pair rests slightly underneath the first along the torso. His legs are feline like, ending in great hind claws. He has no tail.


It is said that Belias once held domain over the great molten heart of Gaia along side Exodus: The Arbiter, and brought warmth and strength to the land so that its people might harvest its rich bounty. The Verethragna credits him with the leadership of the armies of the Virtuous against the Darkness leading up to the purification of Gaia.

Belias: The Transcendent

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