Exodus: The Arbiter

Eidolon of Earth and Virtue of Temperance


At first glance, Exodus appears as an elderly man resting upon a wooden, tree stump throne growing out of a great, moss covered and floating boulder which carries his apparently weary and broken body. Upon closer inspection, Exodus is this tree. His flesh appears as a darkened birch bark while his hair and beard are made of fine twisting branches. The trees roots and branches entwine and tangle into his body through what would be his spine, and contorts into his physical form, most visibly forming his arms and legs. The back of his stump throne grows out and extends into two broad but mostly barren branches (they sport only a few red maple leaves), which extend out to either side. This gives him the appearance of sitting in front of a great balance or scale, as if he sits in judgement of all who stand before him…


It is said that Exodus once held domain over the vast, fertile lands of Gaia along side Belias: The Transcendent, and brought life and reason to the earth so that its people might learn to lessen their toil. The Verethragna credits him with uniting the Eidolons and forming the council of six long before the purification of Gaia.

Exodus: The Arbiter

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