Famfrit: The Majestic

Eidolon of Water and Virtue of Purity


Famfrit appears as a dark skinned woman with what seems to be a white cloth draped about her shoulders. She carries an over-large and ornate jade decanter, which is able to produce an endless supply of water. Her eyes and hair are completely white and she carries an expression of calm serenity about her relaxed and young features. Her long hair blends seamlessly into the cloth draped about her body, both of which deepen in color to a seafoam green-blue as it falls and crashes about her curves. At about her mid section the cloth becomes as water, falling about her legs and forming a turbulent foaming rapid around her feet. Regardless of how much water falls, the tiny pool in which she stands never spreads beyond a foot or so away from her body.


It is said that Famfrit once held domain over the great living seas of Gaia alongside Mateus: The Celebrant, and brought life to the vast oceans so that the people might harvest their bounty. The Verethragna credits her with the advancement of healing magics, and for bring care to the wounded during the purification of Gaia.

Famfrit: The Majestic

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