Hashmal: The Chastiser

Eidolon of Lightning and Virtue of Resolve


Hashmal is as bound lightning, a raging storm against her own form. Her body appears to be that of a hollow copper metallic shell in the form of a tall, muscular woman levitating just off of what would be her toes. This shell floats in pieces (her torso, head, arms, and legs), separated at all of her joints, and bound together by the raging storm of lightning within. Her arms are unusually long and thin. They split into three articulated forearms at the elbow, each of which have their own elbow in turn. Her hands are thin, long an slender. She has wide hips, which rapidly taper to long, spindle like legs. She has no feet, only sharp, knife like points. She has no face, only a smooth oval shaped plate where her face should be, which is attached to her sharply defined and bald head. A bright, white sash winds its way through her arms, forming a great floating semicircular halo about her body.


It is said that Hashmal once held domain over the great raging storms of Gaia along side Adrammelech: The Protector, and brought Judgement and law to the heavens so that its people might know humility. The Verethragna credits her with formation of the first laws to be followed by the Virtuous, and for providing power to the armies and defenses of the church during the purification of Gaia.

Hashmal: The Chastiser

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