Mateus: The Celebrant

Eidolon of Ice and Virtue of Diligence


Mateus appears as the upper half of a blindfolded naked human woman of fair complexion with black hair who is bound and chained to the belly of a great, winged sea serpent. Her body is slender and lithe with her arms bound in cuffs to a chain that passes across the open jaw of the great serpent as it’s bridle and bit. Her blindfolded face often holds an expression that appears to be a combination of sadness and somber acceptance. The lower portion of her body, starting at the navel, appears to seamless meld into the body of the serpent as if it were slowly absorbing her into itself. She appears to have normal proportions for a small woman 5 feet in height or so. The serpent itself has a maximum extended length of 30-40 feet, and coils itself into rippling curves and waves as it levitates in the air about 3 feet off the ground.


It is said that Mateus once held domain over the great roiling oceans of Gaia alongside Famfrit: The Majestic, and brought the currents to heel so that the people might ride them and claim the planet for their own. The Verethragna credits her with the destruction of fleets of tempered ships which patrolled the seas prior to the purification of Gaia.

Mateus: The Celebrant

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