Shards of Alexander

Session-Warehouse Rave.. raid I mean.
So many OSHA violations

The team arrives at the mech warehouse of the Wren family. Home a major trafficking route of the Separatists and where the Vicar is hiding out.

-Darigaaz and Luko become AC bros.

-Alea brushed up on her forklift driving skills.

-Kain jumped on people like Dragoons do.

-Merric and Fargrim played whack a mole, while in the vents, against an enemy wizard. Both were whacked… with combustion spell.

-People stabbed them selves with the runed krises, it was sooooo dramatic, spawning the Darkness. Luko and Darigaaz shut it down with some sweet, sweet radiant damage.

-A half crushed separatist was questioned then Fargrim gave him a hair cut. More like a giant axe wound that just happened to land in their hair region.

-There might be a body or two impaled on the forks of a forklift.

-Now the team prepares to take the teleportion circle down where more separatists, traps, and the Vicar are waiting for them.

-Fargrim’s intential kill count: So far 0 ’cause Tam wants everyone dead. No exceptions. What a B.

-Days since last workplace injury: 0

The gang goes to a party
A creepy sexy party

The party infiltrates the Gala of Vicar Emellia

Alea goes as herself, with Darigaaz as a body guard and Luko as her robot butler (BEEP BEEP)

Fargrim sneaks in as part of the entertainment while Merric serves drinks, much to everyone’s astonishment. Kain was a prop in the background (guard)

after the meal the gala moves into the house and the party was super sneaky

Darigaaz, Kain and Meric visit the butler and convinced him to take a nap.

Alea got a tour with Vicar Emellia and DIDN’T cut a bitch.

The party mixes it up a bit and Fargrim doesn’t kill anyone (GASP).

Luko failed at door. But becomes proficient at Mend.

Luko and Alea find a sex dungeon. It’s weird.

Fargrim and Alea break into Vicar Emellia’s chambers. They find the Darkness in the form of 3 caged dogs within a hidden room. wow. much dark. so amaze.

Alea uses her familiar to circumvent every gods damned trap i throw at her. she also finds a map, which is nice. it points to the HQ of the seperatists in the industrial district. apparently that’s where they make the daggers. also there are some people who were kidnapped and brought to the seperatist HQ for a yet unknown reason.

The party gets greedy and finds some books, a book mark, and part of a weight set. who steals a bookmark, honestly?!

Alea and Luko find a room with 6 statues of yet unknown creatures.

Alea put her eyes out. Titan said “Hi”.

The party left the gala fashionably early. They then met Tam at the station. Alea shit herself.

Lets try that again
In which Fargrim makes some friends

The party is sent back into the separatist base to gather information about funding and leader.

Fargrim and Alea disguised as hobos, the rest of the party + Kain are invisibled by Tam.

Discovered secret room in the meeting room containing inscribed Kris daggers.

Fargrim learns about consequences.

successfully infiltrated main office and discovered that the base is being used for propaganda operations.

discovered the location of four other bases and the source of their funding, Vicar Amellia

captured boss leader guy. The party doesn’t know his name yet.

need to discover how to best infiltrate Amellia’s manor during her upcoming gala so they can find the location of the separatist headquarters.

Fargrim Unintentional Kill Count +2: one unintentionally dominated separatist and his husband. Yes Fargim. They were married. You monster. (( :p ))

Session 2 - Sneak into the meeting!
This is why we need walkie talkies

Session 2 – separatist meeting!
Hobo fight outside the bar. Improvised pipes and all
dwarf is covered in blood
everyone down the elevator
sneak through the locked door
don’t open trapped chests
dwarf through the vent still covered in blood.
wizard bluffed her way into the meeting
separatists are ready and willing to act against the Eidelons to help the people left behind
halfling hears the voice from the distant star say “help her” which seems to mean Alea, so he follows her
fight our way out (and loot on the way)
ride the elevator with civilians with dwarf still covered in blood.
report back
sleep over at the potion shop – DON"T EAT THE FOOD – the next day, cat potion finally wears off – they were all people!
next step – sneak into the next meeting?

Fargrim’s Unintentional Kill Count: One gruff hobo (Warhammer) + civilian attendee (Phantasmal Force “mishap”)

Session 1 - Investigating the Explosion
Wait, you can do non-lethal damage?

Session 1 – investigate!
went to location of explosion
found group running away – defeated (got twisty daggers)
met upper class man Kain.
found un-exploded bomb – called disposal squad
reported to superiors
investigated dagger
dream – woman’s voice calling from a distant star “help me” – seems like Alexandar is heading towards that star
called to meeting by masked representative of an Eidelon – special assignment to investigate more
sent to pipe/step/whatever region
autopsy on someone – finger trap snake thing – runes inside skull
survailance study – found sewer grate bombers came out of – other info collected
missing boy – elf – talked to mother and searched house – found flex – found map – mother said he hung out with separatists
investigated slums looking for missing boy’s friends – followed couple talking about meeting to a bar
Alea went under cover with a disguise.
snuck inside bar and found secret entrance

Fargrim’s Unintential Kill Count: One fleeing suspect (Warhammer)

Session 0.5 - Graduation
Why are they staring at us?!
- rough notes, anyone feel free to elaborate. -

Graduation Ceremony
The wizard (Alea) socialized, the cleric(Luko) and bard (Fargrim) were awkward. Warlock(?) got drunk while paladin (Darigaaz) kept to himself.
Actually appearance by the Eidelons. Eidelon Belias gave a speech.
Eidelons were witness by several members of the team looking right at them just after the explosion.
Students, our team included, were teleported to scene of the explosion via Eidelon Adrammelech.
First encounter with supervising officer Tam, who tasked us with securing the scene. The trarget had been a temple dedicated to the Eidelons. Maybe the separatists?

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