Alexander is the ark constructed by The Council of Six and their followers to escape the darkness and purify Gaia, hundreds of generations ago.


Alexander’s structure is primarily that of a hexagonal prism 60 km long, 15 km tall and 12 km wide. The bow of Alexander is comprised of the residential sectors, weapon systems, and gravity drive. The stern of Alexander is comprised of the dry docks, ram scoop, water storage, and engine systems.

The engines of Alexander are comprised of six, high yield fusion reactors, each of which power a single impulse thruster of Alexander. These reactors are fed by the four primary ram scoops located around the stern of Alexander. The wind crystal manages and maintains the complex fusion reactions occurring within these reactors, and pulls fusion material from the interstellar medium with the ram scoops to fuel the engines.

In the gap between the ram scoops and the main body of Alexander are the dry docks, which are used for the repair and maintenance of Frames, the robotic exoskeletal suits used to defend Alexander from The Darkness.

About 3/4 of the length from the bow of Alexander, the ship elongates slightly along its “height”, increasing from 15 km to 20 km, and then reducing back down to 15 km just before the engines. The ram scoops and dry docks are positioned around region, which is used for the storage of salt water. Approximately 25% of Alexander is salt water by volume, which is filtered, desalinated, and circulated by the water Crystal.

The primary weapon systems of Alexander are located on the bow. These consist of the primary mass drivers (rail guns) at the nose of the ship, and the launch corridors for the defence frames along the sides. There are six mass drivers in total, the rails of which run along the interior of Alexander. Each is capable of launching a solid cylinder of steel 500m across and 1km long at a peak velocity of 10 km / s, or 0.00003c. Reloading takes approximately 12 hours. There are 20 launch corridors, 10 along each side of Alexander, making the vessel capable of fielding a force of 100 frames in only 5 minutes.

The location, form, and function of the weapon known as “The Light of Altana”, which was supposedly used to purify Gaia, is a mystery lost to time.

The residential sector houses all the crew of Alexander and is the cradle of society on board the ship.


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