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The Light of Altana

“ 1 In the beginning there was only the Darkness.

  2 And then Altana, Goddess of Creation, brought forth her six Virtues and banished the darkness to The Unseen Realm.

  3 With Courage did Altana confront the Darkness, who held dominion over all of eternity, and by Her Diligence, Altana brought Him low.

  4 With Mercy did Altana spare the Darkness, and by Her Temperance, Altana stayed her hand when He inevitably struck.

  5 With Resolve did Altana stand by Her choice, though Her heart screamed for retribution, and by Her Purity, Her Light, was the Darkness banished beyond the veil to The Unseen Realm. ”

~ Dawn 1:1-5

Opening of the Verethragna, “the smiting of resistance”


The light of Altana is the source of all virtue and benevolence in the universe, and none embody this Light more than the council of six, the Eidolons of the Crystals of Light which resided on the planet Gaia. These six highly supernatural, immortal beings serve as the leadership for The Church of Six Virtues, the followers of which are known as The Virtuous. Each Eidolon is the manifested will of one of the Crystals of Light and each embody an element of the Light and one of the Virtues of Altana.

Belias: The Transcendent – Fire – Courage

Mateus: The Celebrant – Ice – Diligence

Adrammelech: The Protector– Wind – Mercy

Exodus: The Arbiter – Earth – Temperance

Hashmal: The Chastiser – Lightning – Resolve

Famfrit: The Majestic – Water – Purity

The establishment of the six Virtues and the forming of The Council brought order to Gaia. Where once the peoples of Gaia were merely a collection of disparate cultures, they were brought to heel and united by the Six.

For a time there was true peace.

Then Darkness returned. Its corrupting influence claimed many of the Virtuous, and war tore across the surface of Gaia. Through mortal ingenuity and the Light of the Six the great ark, Alexander was constructed as the ultimate weapon against the Darkness. The remaining Virtuous and the Crystals were gathered unto Alexander, which bore them away from Gaia before before unleashing the Light of Altana and purifying Gaia of Darkness. It was not enough.

Hundreds of generation have passed since then, and Alexander and its crew are still pursued by what remains of the Darkness that attacked Gaia.


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