The society of Alexander is built around a strict set of social norms and standards as a result of being dominated by the need to survive against the darkness.
The core of society revolves around the government, the ship, and the fight to survive. The population of Alexander falls within two broad categories: crew, and non crew.

The Crew

Those who serve as the crew of Alexander are those mortals who have enrolled in Akademia and accepted their resulting assignment. Once this assignment is accepted, crew serve for life (until the age of 65), and abandoning or quitting is considered an act of treason (with the punishment decided by tribunal). That said, crew members are frequently reassigned as their skills and experience develop. Crew members are effectively members of the government and military of Alexander. Because of this they are guaranteed a living stipend on top of whatever benefits they may get for working in their positions. Most crew over the age of 50 serve as instructors in Akademia.

Immediately after graduation, new crew members are grouped with an upper classman who oversees their early assignments. This does two things: first, it grooms the recent graduates for life outside of Akademia, preparing them for future, possibly independent assignments that will come after they advance in rank. Second, it grooms upper classmen in leadership skills, preparing those who seek to advance for command positions.

For example: Wren is a 19 year old student who has just graduated, and specializes in the internal machinations of the bureaucracy, but also has a keen mind for problem solving. He is assigned with a group of 5-7 other recent graduates to serve as clerks in the ministry of internal investigations under the tutelage of investigator Simon; a 28 year old that has recently become and investigator for the ministry. He hope to one day become an operative of the ministry, a lone detective with massive leeway and security clearance.

Crew members do everything from paperwork, to city management, to combat piloting, and so on.



The Independents are those citizens of Alexander who have elected to not accept their assignment given by Akademia (or in some cases, may not have attended the school at all). There is no penalty for this, as the government of Alexander recognizes the need for their citizens to have personal freedom of choice. These men and women are everything from merchants to artists, and so form the bulk of the economy of Alexander. Those Independents from wealthy families, often known as merchant princes or princesses, own and manage much of the industry and manufacturing operation on Alexander, giving them a great deal of political clout (though not enough to directly buy and sell positions on the crew).


The Separatists are Independent citizens, and in some cases even deserters, who actively protest and hinder the crew and government of Alexander. The goal of the Separatists is to push Alexander to colonize other worlds and end this ceaseless journey through the void. They believe that the Darkness only pursues Alexander because they are a threat, and if they abandon the ship, the Darkness will relent. In the past the Separatists would primarily stage protests and release nonsensical propaganda in a weak attempt to sway the people towards their colonization ideals. Recently however they have become more active, and in some cases even violent against the crew. There are even rumours that the Separatists are tempered by the Darkness…

In the eyes of the government, they are viewed as a terrorist organization


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