The Church of Six Virtues

The Church of Six Virtues is both the religious body of the crew of Alexander as well as the government, effectively making Alexander a theocracy.

The Church hierarchy starts with the Eidolons, each controlling an aspect of the governance and maintenance of Alexander.

Directly under the Eidolons are the Directors: those mortals whom directly serve and answer to The Six. It is not often that an Eidolon will directly address an individual other than their Director. Because of this, the Directors effectively serve as the chargĂ© d’affaires between the mortal crew and the Eidolons themselves. They take the general orders of The Six and parse them into projects for those farther down the hierarchy while simultaneously relaying the morale and needs of the crew to their immortal masters. The Directors are essentially cardinals of The Church and serve as the highest ranking crew on the ship.

The directors all wear mempo masks that cover the top half of their face if not more, which designates their rank and is unique to their domain. The most well known and understood director of Alexander is the Captain, the Director of Fire, who commands the military and directs the travel of the ship. Directors appoint their own successors, and at any given time there are only ever 6. No more. No less.

Under the Directors are the Adjutants. The Adjutants serve as administrative assistants to the Directors. The Adjutants are divided into two subgroups: domain and governance. Adjutants of domain are administrators over the domain of their Crystal. They designate and direct Magistrates of domain, and control general project priorities (they choose what the domain needs to focus on when). Adjutants of governance serve in the administration of the government of Alexander. They take on the role of high ranking government officials, designate Magistrates of governance, and represent the people to their Directors. The Adjutants are essentially bishops of The Church and collectively serve as the second highest to mid ranking crew.

The most well known Adjutant is the executive officer, commander Algethi

The bottom of the core administrative ladder are the Magistrates. They are effectively middle management, and are also divided into domain and governance. Magistrates of domain order around the people who actually do the work, while Magistrates of governance serve as mayors, sheriffs, and so on. The Magistrates are essentially priests of The Church.

Members of the governance branch have no real connection to the elemental domains of Alexander even though they still report to a specific director.

The Church of Six Virtues

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