Shards of Alexander

The gang goes to a party

A creepy sexy party

The party infiltrates the Gala of Vicar Emellia

Alea goes as herself, with Darigaaz as a body guard and Luko as her robot butler (BEEP BEEP)

Fargrim sneaks in as part of the entertainment while Merric serves drinks, much to everyone’s astonishment. Kain was a prop in the background (guard)

after the meal the gala moves into the house and the party was super sneaky

Darigaaz, Kain and Meric visit the butler and convinced him to take a nap.

Alea got a tour with Vicar Emellia and DIDN’T cut a bitch.

The party mixes it up a bit and Fargrim doesn’t kill anyone (GASP).

Luko failed at door. But becomes proficient at Mend.

Luko and Alea find a sex dungeon. It’s weird.

Fargrim and Alea break into Vicar Emellia’s chambers. They find the Darkness in the form of 3 caged dogs within a hidden room. wow. much dark. so amaze.

Alea uses her familiar to circumvent every gods damned trap i throw at her. she also finds a map, which is nice. it points to the HQ of the seperatists in the industrial district. apparently that’s where they make the daggers. also there are some people who were kidnapped and brought to the seperatist HQ for a yet unknown reason.

The party gets greedy and finds some books, a book mark, and part of a weight set. who steals a bookmark, honestly?!

Alea and Luko find a room with 6 statues of yet unknown creatures.

Alea put her eyes out. Titan said “Hi”.

The party left the gala fashionably early. They then met Tam at the station. Alea shit herself.



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