Viccar Amelia

The Beast


The Viccar Amelia appeared as a tall, slender woman dressed in a white robe with a white vale. She had very pale skin, platinum hair which she wore loose and sharp features. Viccar Amelia was a major player in The Church of Six Virtues, and served in Stair Town. She was also a Pawn of Lahabrea and the primary orchestrater of the Separatist movement. Her saintly and pure public demenour was a front, hiding a much more sinister and depraved personality. Lusting for power she turned to Lahabrea, who in turn gave her information on the Eidolons of Darkness. Hoping to gain their favor, she manipulated the Separatists into being more and more extreme, culminating in the bombing of the very church in which she once served and, eventually, The Crash.

She was eventually killed by the party when, through her own magics, she became a great beast and killed Kain Highwind.


Viccar Amelia

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