Shards of Alexander

Session-Warehouse Rave.. raid I mean.

So many OSHA violations

The team arrives at the mech warehouse of the Wren family. Home a major trafficking route of the Separatists and where the Vicar is hiding out.

-Darigaaz and Luko become AC bros.

-Alea brushed up on her forklift driving skills.

-Kain jumped on people like Dragoons do.

-Merric and Fargrim played whack a mole, while in the vents, against an enemy wizard. Both were whacked… with combustion spell.

-People stabbed them selves with the runed krises, it was sooooo dramatic, spawning the Darkness. Luko and Darigaaz shut it down with some sweet, sweet radiant damage.

-A half crushed separatist was questioned then Fargrim gave him a hair cut. More like a giant axe wound that just happened to land in their hair region.

-There might be a body or two impaled on the forks of a forklift.

-Now the team prepares to take the teleportion circle down where more separatists, traps, and the Vicar are waiting for them.

-Fargrim’s intential kill count: So far 0 ’cause Tam wants everyone dead. No exceptions. What a B.

-Days since last workplace injury: 0



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