Altana and the Six

The Church teaches that Altana is the Goddess of the universe. She is the divine creator and the source of all magical power , Light, and Virtue. The Six represent different aspects of Altana herself, like facets of a crystal. The words of the Six and are the words of Altana, even if they might disagree. Just as a mortal individual might have conflicting opinions that they try to resolve with introspective and self discussion, so to do the Six have unique personalities, opinions, and sometimes even goals (though rarely these are mutually exclusive).

Good and Evil

The Church teaches that the Darkness is complete Anathema to the Light (and therefore, Altana). Members of the Church accept this without question; some out of true belief, and some out of fear of being considered a Heretic. For this reason, Detect good and evil and similar alignment spells detect the presence of Darkness, or if a person is knowingly working for the Darkness. It is completely unheard of for a magical object to “ping” as neither Light nor Darkness.


Shards of Alexander Tsadkiel